User interfacing and user designing is the need of the hour. It is essential that the designers understand the requirements of the users and come up with designs that are fully-functional yet absolutely brilliant in design. This is one of the major reasons why designers are always looking for great designs and strive to create new designs that are eye-catchy. Here we have curated some of the unique and classy designed mobile apps that are everything a designer needs for inspiration:

  • Luxury AR Watch App Concept

Masudur Rahman is the master-mind behind this Luxury AR Watch App Concept. This app has curated luxury watch collection. It also lets collectors buy from them seamlessly. Not only do they have an inspiring UI/ UX design they also have a feature called “augmented reality” which lets users have a feel of the watch at the comfort of their home. Their app design is seamless and the transition between pages is so smooth.

  • Yono.MP3

Yono.MP3 is a music app designed by Anton Shmatko. This app is the best one to discover, listen to, and share some amazing music. The app has a dramatic interface with the right pop of colours in black and red, which are both legible and fashionable. The coour gradation definitely gives importance to the features that are essential thus creating a wonderful hierarchy.

  • Artsy

Artsy is an app specially designed for all the artists and art lovers out there. It connects artists and art lovers from across the globe. The features some of the top museums, collective art, and auction that would happen in the app. This makes it a wonderful platform for both parties to connect. As the name suggests, the app is way too artistic and colourful. The combination of colours used and the gradation makes it more attractive for the users.

  • Listen

Listen is yet another music app that we love. It offers umpteen features where the customers can also customise the song lists based on the mood they are in and want. The colour palette goes amazingly well with the word colour and the beautiful bold icons, making it a beautiful ensemble of design and interface. The app is absolutely user-friendly and excellent design-wise too.

  • Jack AI Employment Agent

Jack AI is an Artificial Intelligence app with the user interface designed by Maciej Dyjak. This unique AI based app lets users to search for the best possible job opportunities. The unique feature in this app is that the chatbot chats with the potential aspirants and shortlists the job opportunities based on the user interest. The interface is also unique with a simple and straighforward design.

  • Kitchen Stories

This is a unique culinary based app which features some great images and gifs from the experts kitchen. The easy login system and the available recipes, connections, tips, and inspirations for your kitchen make it one-of-a-kind app. The design is truly simple yet highly functional. This is one of the apps that definitely reminds that overdoing is an overkill.

  • Space

Space is yet another mobile application that we’re head over heels with. This unique app makes lives easier for the users. With vivid colours and animations makes it a fun app that also makes users comfortable navigating this app. Some of the features include local weather, local traffic, news brief, mood calendars, etc.

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