If there is one thing that people love the most about shopping online is the discounts that we get. Of course, shopping online comes with other benefits like you can get things you want at the touch of your hand and at the comfort of your house. Having that said, many of us do like shopping things once we get the touch and feel of the products. Getting those incredible discounts is one thing that drives customers to shop more online. 

Savvy online shoppers always look for ways and means to capitalise on the discounts using coupon codes to achieve maximum saving on a product. And the discount coupon is the best way to lure customers to make a purchase. By discount coupon we mean digital coupon as customers and sellers no longer prefer physical coupons. 

Now, the real question for online retailers is how can you still make a decent revenue after giving away huge discounts online? Here are some of the time-tested strategies to make use of coupon codes and increase your bottomline: 

Use Appealing Visuals

When you look at it more closely on a design basis, you will understand that a discount code is simply plain text. Now, where is the fun in that? And what would attract the customers to know that you are offering some amazing discounts? The only way to get your customers to know what you’re offering and to make use of the discount code is by creating eye-catchy visuals that draw customer attention. Use graphics, images, and text elegantly to get people talking about you and your offer. 

Reward programs work like a charm 

One of the best ways to customer loyalty is by offering loyalty points otherwise called as reward points. You make the customers consistently come to you without looking at what competitors have to offer by giving them lucrative reward points. Once they’re happy with you and find value for money in your products, they are not leaving you. Reward points can otherwise be redeemed with discount coupons which will always work like a charm.

We all know loyalty is a two-way street, you expect loyalty from your customer then you return the same to them. Remember to send something nice with a handwritten note for their anniversary or birthday for the most loyal customers. 

Omnichannel presence

One way to inform customers about your little surprise discount is by emailing them and studies show that this method has increased revenue for businesses by at least 45%. But the question here is, are all emails opened immediately? There’s always a bit of a delay for people to check their emails out unless it is work. 

Social media presence is the key. Facebook and Instagram are the best to stay connected with your customers and to let them know about the latest news with you. Digital coupons can otherwise be delivered to customers digitally through mobile phones. The idea is to reach as many people as you can and as fast as you can. Omnichannel presence is the right and tested way to go about it. 

Restrict your offer to a certain period

Make sure that your customers are sitting on a ticking time bomb. Making an offer that customers cannot resist is one thing, but getting them to act on it is possible only when they know that they don’t have a lot of time. Researches evidently show that millennials respond well to offers that have a limited time before expiry. 

Remind your customers that the offer will expire soon. Email them and flash status on social media handles to get their attention. Add a sense of urgency to the matter and make sure they act fast enough.

Devise the kind of offers you want to run 

There are umpteen ways to offer a discount, you do not necessarily have to stick providing amount or percentage discounts. You can also provide free shipping or an instant discount code to complete an order if customers abandon their cart, or even a free gift with every purchase of a particular amount. You know you can get creative here.

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