This world has become highly competitive, more so after digitalisation. Your expertise in your business can only help you so much if you want to reach your full potential you need to employ some effective marketing strategies. Now marketing can be done in various ways like online, print media, and television. It is up to you to choose which marketing strategy will work best for you.

When you are in the import-export industry, it is a given that you need to focus more on online marketing. Besides, it is the cheapest option too. That said, it is not the only option to promote your business to your overseas customers and clients. We have curated some working and effective marketing strategies that will help your import-export business.

Website – In today’s digital world, owning a website is a mandatory thing to do. Thanks to technological development today, creating a website is cheaper and easier than ever before. Anybody with a little internet knowledge can pull it off, for software offers way too easier methods to create a website. But of course, going to a professional is the ideal thing to do so you can create a dynamic website.

Having said that, you can aim to create a simple website that talks about who you are, what your company does, and contact information to become a winner as a beginner. Have a fancy and attracting logo along with an original slogan that represents who you are. Then move on to get professional help to get all the fancy features that will entice your users. The point is you need to start immediately. Without a website, you miss out on a lot of good things that could happen to your business.

Social Media Marketing – Owning a website alone will not help you get the traction. While you are looking to go digital, you should also consider giving social media marketing a shot. On a flip note, the search engine optimisation is yet another great way to push your website to appear on top of a google search. 

Having handles on facebook, instagram, twitter, and linkedin and posting relevant content will help you increase your visibility. People are always on the look out for some amazing content online, so make sure you share relevant data that could help people. This way it’s a win-win situation. 

Round the customer support online – We cannot stress on this strategy enough. Now all business are customer-centric so you cannot afford to not get into that loop. Customers actually prefer companies or brands that provide great support at any time of the day. So it is imperative that you have a great team who will manage your customer queries at any time of the day. 

Thanks to the emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, you get access to features like chatbots that help you respond to customer queries in a jiffy and also redirect customers to the right team of customer service if you offer a cluster of services. 

Participate in trade fairs for imp-ex business – Embassies from many countries trade fairs annually to enhance their international trades. If you are a registered company you will mostly receive an invite to take part in the trade fair. You will have a great opportunity to meet your potential customers and make brilliant acquaintances. These acquaintances can come in handy at some point in time of your business. Not just that, you can also get the connects of important people up the ladder.

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