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The Company “Royal Group” is a Norway based entity. We have other business verticals integrated with us including but not limited to Royal Agro, Royal Exim, Royal Digital, Royal Cuisine. Royal Group does not provide services or products as is. Our associated business verticals provide the products and services for our customers and clients.

The Customer means anyone who is using or accessing our website. These Terms and Conditions of Use are also referred to as “Contract.” Products include the products and services that we offer, including but not limited to food products, international trade, digital products – software, and other design solutions, cuisines, etc.

By accessing or using our Site, you agree to all the terms of use mentioned below. You acknowledge that you have read and understood the Terms and agree to be bound by them unconditionally. If you do not agree to the Terms mentioned below, we request you to stop using our website and never return unless you want to agree to our Terms of Use. International users should be aware that we do not claim the site is usable or legal outside of Norway. International users who wish to use or access our website can do so in their own discretion and abide to their local laws they should also indemnify us unconditionally should there be any issues.

Our legal entities: Each and every company associated with the Royal group is to be considered as a separate company with their own identities. When we say “We”, “group”, “us” it is only for descriptive convenience and they don’t mean anything legally.

Trademarks & Copyrights: All contents and information given on the website including but not limited to the logo, designs, graphics, formats, etc are Intellectual Property rights protected. We reserve the rights to some information and content that are not explicitly mentioned in the website. We have taken appropriate permissions to use some graphics and photos that do not belong to us.

Usage restrictions: With an exception otherwise stated on the website, you are not allowed to edit, reproduce, upload, copy, or transmit any content or information given on the website including any snippets of codes or software. You can download the images or content on the website only for personal and non-commercial use. You can use any content for any purposes if only it is mentioned as “Public.”

Disclaimer: The content and website provided herein are for user convenience. The content on the website are given on an as it is basis. Royal Group does not warrant that the website will be free of errors or work uninterruptedly. The Royal Group reserves the right to edit the content on the website, withdraw access to any parts of the website at any point in time.

No warranties of any sort, either implied or expressed, including but not limited to the title warranties, products & services delivered, accuracy and reliability of the website, etc. We do not warrant the completeness or accuracy of the data provided on the website. We do not accept liabilities if you find any information as an advice, opinion or any other statement that it was not intended for. You agree that you will indemnify us if you rely on the information given on the website as an advice or opinion pertinent to your case. Royal Group reserves the right to make any changes to the website like the content, photos, products and services offered, prices, etc without given any prior notice to the users. Please note that these terms are applicable to the maximum extent permissible by law.

Liability Limitations: You agree that Royal Group including the associated companies, and other stakeholders are not liable to any direct, indirect, consequential damages, or any losses that you incur using our website. You agree to indemnify us and our associated companies and other stakeholders for all the losses arose by using our website and breaching the terms of use mentioned here.

Future related disclaimer: This website may contain content or information that are forward-looking and are subject to uncertainties and risks. These risks may or may not cause actual results to differ. Such statements or content provided are based on the current estimates and scenarios in the national and global economic conditions and otherwise. These content and statements are usually identified with expressions like believes, estimate, expect, etc. Royal Group does not assume responsibility for any results that come from the risks and uncertainties based on the future conditions.

Third-party websites: We may include some links to websites that belong to other companies, just for your convenience. When you click on these links, you basically leave our website and enter the third-parties’ website. Now it is your responsibility to read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies of the websites that you visit. It is your responsibility to decide if the products and services offered and other legally binding terms given on the third-party websites are agreeable to you. Royal Group is not responsible for the content, products, services, and the information given on the websites owned by other companies. We do not agree or enter into any contract that indicates that we are liable.

Any Revisions: The Royal Group reserves the right to change or modify or revise or add or delete any part of these Terms of Use at any point in time. By using or accessing this website, you agree to be bound by these terms at any point in time including any revisions made to the website. We request you to check our website terms of use periodically to stay updated.

Changes on the website: The Royal Group reserves the right to change, terminate, discontinue, or suspend any part of the website including the services and products offered at any point in time. We also reserve the right to impose limitations on the usage of certain features or services we offer without prior notice. We reserve the right to invoke any authorisation provided earlier to make use of the website for your commercial purposes. In such case, you are bound to delete any data you may possess pertinent to our website.

Privacy Policy: The Royal Group respects your privacy as our own. We are committed to protecting your information which you may provide while using our website. Please read our Privacy and Cookie Policies.

Jurisdiction: The Terms of Use mentioned above are supervised and governed by the laws construed in Norway.