There has been a debate over the topic climate change. Some people may not think it is for real, we sure do think it is. There are so many things happening around us and human beings’ involuntary recurring actions leading to climate change seem to be working. Ever felt it’s getting too hot in summers, and rainfall pattern has gotten erratic? All are signs of climate change.

If you are one of those people who don’t believe in climate change, please do take a look at what is happening around you? Remember the Australian wildfire that took away so many lives? Also, the amazonian fires? There are a lot going on in terms of climate change, only it is not conspicuous right now. So many studies and evidence suggest that climate change has already begun many years ago, it is slowly but surely depleting the earth’s resources for worse. Here are some signs that tell us for a fact that climate change is real:

  1. Rising Sea Levels: Sea levels are slowly and steadily increasing. There has been an increase of three inches in the sea level, and  this happened over a span of 24 years. And there has been a consistent increase in sea levels over the last five years. On this note, it has also been found that the garbage deluging on the sea shores have gone up by a whopping 800%. This is a clear cut sign that the climate change is very real.
  2. Melting sea ice and glaciers: The world has gotten much more hotter now than it was in the 90s. This has led to the melting of glaciers in the mountains and ice sheets on the sea. The shrinking glaciers have led to shrinking resources of water to people dependent on it. The sea life in the arctic has also taken a hit, because of their dependency on ice sheets. The ocean currents are also affected as the water from the shrinking glaciers ultimately reach the ocean.
  3. Rising carbon dioxide levels: The measure of greenhouse gases is increasing with time and twice the amount is found in the atmosphere now compared to the ice ages. The fossil fuels that human are burning right now is the reason for the increase in the green house gases emission.
  4. Rising temperature in colder areas: We cannot help but notice the extreme weather these days. Super high temperatures, unusual rainfall and floods, and drought are all on the rise. These are bound to get even worse. Places like Alaska is now facing higher temperature comparatively. Needless to mention, all these have had a negative impact on the wildlife too.
  5. Acidifying oceans: Industrial revolution has led to a good things and some bad too. The acidity in the oceans have risen quite significantly since the spring of industrial revolution. It has been found that acidity on the surface of sea level has increased by over 30% owing to the excessive carbon dioxide released. Oceans has the tendency to absorb more carbon dioxide and it has been found that it has adversely impacted sea life by increasing acidity.

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