Import Export business used to be a farfetched thing for many people, but thanks to globalisation, it has now become possible for many. Digital transformation is also a major reason that more people are looking up to the import-export business. Today’s technological advances have definitely shrunk the world by increasing the inter-connection. So, you are now visible to a larger population if you have a digital presence.

Owning a highly functional website for your import-export business has now become an untold law for business owners. There are umpteen benefits of owning a website for your import-export business, keep scrolling to know more:

  1. Decreased Marketing Cost – One of the main reasons you need to have a website is to save cost. Yes, you read that right and we are serious. Think about it, the conventional way of reaching your overseas customers is by visiting them in their respective countries and that too often. Your travel and living expenses will be through the roof. Owning a website will bring this cost down exponentially. Another way of advertising is the print media, which is expensive too. Online presence and digital marketing is the best way to market your business without it costing a whole in your pocket.
  2. Omnichannel Advertising – Okay so you will know by now, digital marketing is everything today. So, when you own a website you do not just talk about yourself and your products but also start advertising in multiple platforms. Integrating your website to social media platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter, and linkedin will increase your brand’s visibility multifolds. This also faciliates the expansion of your business effectively.
  3. Increased sales and revenue – When you have a website for your business which is updated regularly with the right information and any sale you are running, it is likely to increase customer acquisition and more importantly customer retention. We cannot stress enough on how much important customer retention is. Import-export business means reaching global clientele and retaining them while trying to add more customers to your list, it is made easier with added benefits when you own a website.
  4. Better customer experience – Import-export business demands your availability 24*7 to your customers. One of the best ways to achieve this is by having a website with the right functionalities like chat room, emails, etc.  When you have the chat feature with chatbot services, you can cut down the cost of employing people for three shifts to cover the entire 24 hours in a day. To utilise these features you most definitely need a website.
  5. Time Saver – Owning a website not only decreases your operational costs significantly but also save you a lot of time. Imagine taking those long haul flights with even longer layovers, what stressful times it can be! Websites will take that stress out of you, also get you job done in a lot less time than usual.

These are a few advantages of having a website. You can create one for yourself and find the advantages it hosts for your stream of business. If you need help building a website with the best designers and developers, do reach out to us.

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