2-Step Process to MarketinYour Import Export Business

The import/export business outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic has definitely led to a global financial crisis and took a toll on the global economy. Umpteen unprecedented things have happened that led to a dramatic economic downturn globally. One of the ways to restructure this unprecedented change is by engaging in more international trades where trading happens between countries that will in turn assist the economic growth. 

If you are not already in this stream of business, now is the right time to set foot in it. Now is the best to amass some nice profit. Albeit the stressful times of setting up your business it is truly rewarding to do an import/export business. The contemporary trading business is actually ruled by internet, everything happens lightening fast online; of course the shipping will take its own sweet undoubtedly. But the communication time is cut in half and TAT has improved. We bring you the two most significant marketing strategies for your international trading business:

a.First of all, do your research as to which country and which product or service you are going to deal with. If you are planning to import then you need to identify what products are selling hot in your domestic market. Also identify what would your people love, like there should be some brand that has high traction in your market but has not been launched yet or a specific product that is too expensive if people buy on their own as they have to pay high shipping costs. 

Once you have identified the product, move on to the next step. Get in touch with your potential seller through email or call them directly. Introduce yourself and explain your interests. If the seller is interested in doing                business with you, talk your terms at length and ensure they’re okay with what you have to offer. And, please do not restrict yourself to certain products and only imports. There’s a huge scope for exports too.

If you would like to import/export business then it is a different ball game all together. You might have to travel to your destination country to understand the people, culture, and requirements there. Get in touch with                buyers and take  things forward. This could be a daunting task in terms of money and time. You can always talk to buying houses and merchants who would like to work with you. 

All you have to do is decide what kind of exporting will interest you? You can either sell premium products at high costs which comes with its own advantages and disadvantage and so does deciding to sell high volumes of            products at a lesser price comparatively. 

b.In all of the things, the one thing in common is that you need to convince your buyer or seller as to why he should strike his business deals with you. You should be so convincing that he should hesitate to look beyond  you. Make sure they find you perfect, be there for them. Answer their queries and always be prompt. Always maintain a good rapport with them. Trading is always all about the relationship with your buyers or sellers, so make sure you are in good books with them. These are the two main things you need to follow in your import-export business. Should you have more questions on how to go about this you can always reach out to us. 

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