Impact of retail atore design & layout on customer mind

Now customers are moving over to online shopping embracing the comfort that the technology has brought upon us. Technology that emerged has definitely disrupted business models and retailers are pushed to face it. Besides, the economy has gotten way more challenging especially with the covid-19 pandemic outbreak. That said, retail store design outlets can still be out there and compete with their online rivals if they are ready to provide their customers with what they want.  

So, how do retailers start gaining more customers visiting their store and how can you influence them to make a purchase with you? The key is to analyze customer behavior so you can have an influence over them. We all know how colors, music, and store-front models attract customers. But that’s old news, we need to move on. The market has gotten highly competitive and it is necessary that you are abreast with your customer interests. Here are some ideas that can help you layout your store: 

  1. Make a first good impression:

    We all know the first impression is always the best. You could tantalize your customers with attractive window displays. The first that will draw them to your store should be intriguing, so display your best. And once they are inside your store, make sure they spend more time in there. 

  2. Avoid transition zones:

    Once a retail store customer is inside your store, they will take quite some time to get acclimatized to the place, like they should feel comfortable with the music, aroma, and the feel of the store. So, when they do that they will not be noticing much of your products. This is the place where you can put low-value products or the ones that do not matter much. And more importantly, keep your entrance clutter-free. 

  3. Recognize the customer flow:

    It has been found that most of the customers take a right when they enter a store and navigate in a counterclockwise direction. Placing high-value products and any important information on the right makes more sense. 

  4. Say no to narrow aisles:

    Customers do not like bottlenecks and narrow aisles. It is particularly so in the case of women customers, for they always like their own personal space. Based on evidence from various researches and analysis, it has been found that customers prefer walking into a broader aisle. 

  5. Display in smaller chunks:

    Studies say that about 60% of your products go unnoticed by your customers. It is a known fact that smaller chunks are always easier to process, be it reading or even eating. Same goes with merchandise too, display your products in smaller lots so it is easier for the customers to parse. 

  6. Rotate items on display:

    Give your customers something to look forward. Make them understand that you are dedicated to giving them the best. Stay abreast with the trend and keep rotating your window display pieces so that they know they have something new in-store. 

  7. Have roomy billing counters:

    Having a small or crooked billing counter, especially when a customer has so much to buy, will definitely send out the wrong message. She might end up thinking that they have carried a lot to purchase and remove some from their selection. Having spacious counters at billing will ensure that she’s all right. 

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