Livestock farming or animal farming has a promising future in Norway. It has been one of the steady sources of income for the human being from time immemorial. The best thing about livestock farming is that there are no hard and fast rules for the size of livestock farming. You can also start farming from the comfort of your backyard. If you so wish to do it big scale, you can either rent a place or use yours. 

Some of the factors you might want to consider to make livestock farming more sustainable are a. The most fundamental thing to do is choosing the right breed that suits your weather and soil conditions, b. Assessing risks and managing them efficiently, c. having contingency plans in place, as you know like any other business livestock farming comes with bad days too, and d. Diligently planning your financials. Below are the ten most profitable livestock farming businesses you can consider:


1. Poultry 

Poultry farming is one of the easiest businesses to start, besides it also highly profitable. Chicken meat is increasingly popular and has increased demand more than ever before. Poultry farming does not only mean farming for chicken meat but also eggs. Start your poultry farming business on a large scale or small scale based on your convenience and you will never regret. 


2. Duck 

Duck farming is an ideal low-cost investment business in the livestock industry.  Meat and eggs from duck are in great demand now. Many breeds of duck that bear eggs and meat are available across the globe. You can always pick what’s best for you. Also, another best part of duck farming is that it requires only minimal water as ducks are quite tough and they need very minimal management. 

3. Quail 

Quail farming has received a lot of popularity in recent times. Quail is a small bird whose meat and egg are rich in various vitamins and are low in calories. This makes it the most sought after food for weight watchers. With growing awareness of a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating, quail obviously makes the cut. 


4. Pearl 

Pear farming has become a prominent farming business among farmers these days. Cultured pearls are in huge demand now. Pearls can be farmed artificially even using fresh water but it takes time.  In order to reap the benefits of pearl farming, you need to start planning and working on it well ahead in time. 


5. Crab

This aquaculture farming is very popular in Asia and is gaining popularity all over the world. The investment for crab is comparatively low if you live in coastal areas, but it’s still low compared to other farming. Crab has massive demand in the international market making it the best idea to start farming it. 


6. Sheep

Sheep farming is truly profitable for the wool, skin, milk, and sometimes even the meat of sheep are in demand. All you need to do is be very careful while choosing the breed. And remember sheep farming requires very little investment making it ideal for people who are willing to make small investments for considerable profits. 


7. Goat

Goat farming provides both meat and milk. Goat milk has gained a lot of popularity, especially in the beauty industry making it one of the star ingredient that treats eczema. Goat meat is highly nutritious at the same time just too delicious for meat lovers. Goat farming does not require a lot of space and efforts, making it one if the best businesses to start. 


8. Rabbit

Rabbits are super cute animals that are both profitable and pet. Rabbits are small animals that can survive with very little attention and care. There are quite a lot of rabbit breeds that serve the purpose, making it easier for you to choose. Rabbits make a huge contribution to the food industry by being one of the most consumed animals. 


9. Pig 

Pig farming is highly profitable for various reasons. Millions of pigs are butchered every year in the United States of America and some European countries. Pigskin has become quite famous, and its fat is used in the making of cosmetics, needless to mention the meat from a pig. All these make it worthwhile to invest in pig farming. 


10. Fish

Who doesn’t love fish? Fish is a great source of proteins and omega 3 fatty acids making it one of the most sought after foods. If you have great source of water then you have nothing to think about to start fish farming. The trick lies in choosing the right kind of fish for farming. As you know catfish, salmon, shrimp, and prawn are some of the globally famous fish varieties. But as you know, Norwegian waters are more conducive for salmon which makes the cut for salmon.

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