Digital Marketing in export import industry


Online marketing platforms have proven to be effective because customers, subscribers and buyers stay in touch with your business and they will build their confidence in your business. When you create a digital presence through the website to export your product, you get more attention from buyers and visitors. The opportunities offered to exporters by digital marketing are numerous, but taking advantage of them is not simple. It is necessary to work with an expert and trusted digital company, able to develop winning international marketing strategies. We help our import-export entrepreneurs to have their website by ensuring their digital and marketing implementation. 

1. Understand your products:

If your product or service is something people search in google, then digital marketing will help you understand how popular it is but also what other variations of your product or service are on-demand in the country you are considering exporting. 

2. Find your competitors:

Digital marketing can help you to find competitors who are using Google advertising services to promote their products in the country you plan to export. Companies using Google advertising services are very competitive and aggressive in their field of activity. Digital marketing can help you find them promptly and start analyzing them and the services they offer. If your competition is performing well in Google’s organic search results, you can determine how many keywords they are performing well and how popular those keywords they can generate on their website. 

3. Find the right content of your website:

You need to take into consideration when building your website to attract your potential customers to this new market. If your competition is blogging to get more viewers for their website, you can find their most shareable posts. If you want to see if there are any shareable articles in your area of ​​activity, that is also possible. This step will give you an idea of ​​what is popular in the country you plan to export in your industry and use similar tactics to make your brand popular.

4. Build strong via advertising:

If your product/service is something that users talk about on social media, you can see how popular the associated hashtags are, but who the people are sharing them with and how many followers they have. You can target the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Imagine your competitors promoting their products/services on YouTube and the audience watching your ad above or next to their videos. Yes, it is also possible. Digital marketing can target your competitors’ communications with their customers who use Gmail.


Most exporters do not export to more than one country. So even if you are doing international business, digital marketing for exporters is a great option. You will be able to access new markets for the first time. All it takes is the willingness to explore your options and rely on expert consultants to properly use these tools. Digital marketing can help you target new markets. It can help you build brands and research your competition so much that it will be like stealing customers from your competition.

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