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The privacy statement of The Royal Group are given below. We encourage our users to read this privacy policies from time to time. By accessing our website and giving your information, you automatically agree to our Privacy policies and agree to the way your data is being stored and processed.

How and Why we collect your personal data
a. Visiting our website

When you visit The Royal Group’s website, we invariably collect your data through the cookies we install. Please visit our Cookies Policies to know more. The data collected through cookies will mostly contain information like the IP address of your device, web pages you browse, your preferences, etc. This information is basically collected to give you the best user experience by providing customised list of items you maybe interested in and offers that would interest you.

b. Subscribing to our Newsletters

When there is a correspondence between you and us either during ordering products online, getting in touch to know about our services, any investment related queries, to develop business relation, etc we collect your basic information like your full name, phone number, email address, and other data based on your query. These data will be stored and used to send out our e-newsletters. When we develop a working business relationship, we will also collect more information that is personally identifiable.

To process your order, manage any agreements, and abide by regulatories we process your information that is personally identifiable. If you wish that we should not process your data, you should write to us expressing your interests. Besides, we will have to store some of your data for legal compliance.

c. Job Applications

You are welcome to apply for jobs with us directly or through appointed agencies who handle your applications on behalf of us. We or the agency will collect some personally identifiable information about you including but not limited to name, contact number, address, your resume, and curriculum vitae. We do perform some background checks for certain key roles in our company. By applying to our Careers, you thereby agree to all these terms. We process your information to find out if you are eligible for the job. We will obtain your assent to save some of your data and contact you later based on necessity. Legally, this saving and processing of data is only possible if you give us consent to. You can also withdraw your consent at any point in time by writing to us.

d. Safety and Protection

The Royal Group has been executing various security protocols on how to process your personal data. We do so to protect your data against any unauthorised or illegal access. We categorise your data in various items, encrypt them, and save. We do not give unnecessary access to any personnel except the vetted ones. The way we process your data will comply with the legal obligations as well as contractual ones. We process your data only when you give us your consent to do so and you reserve the right to invoke this consent at any point in time. We have our third-party agencies to get into an agreement with us to protect your data with full confidentiality.

Sharing your personal data

It is important to note that we do not share your personal data to any third-parties unless the circumstance arises where we might have to share your personal data to operate our regular business incessantly.

We do use third-party vendors and service providers to deliver the products you require and outsource some services you may require. Our third-party vendors will perform such operations on our behalf. In such cases we may share your personal data with them. They are bound by an agreement that states that they cannot share your personal data with anyone except to get the work done. It is important to note that we do not allow our third-party service providers to use your data to market their own products or services or contact you in any way possible.

When we happen to sell or buy a business, we might have to disclose your data to our prospective buyers or sellers or the companies we may be interested in merging with. We may also share your personally identifiable data to organisations or third-parties in the interest of covering our company and our businesses. We will also disclose your personally identifiable information when it is solicited by any authorities or government bodies for any legal purposes or otherwise.

Transferring your personal data

When we share your personally identifiable data to any third-parties as we have mentioned above, we might sometimes have to transfer all your information to countries outside the EEA (European Economic Area). We might have to do so to honour our privacy statement. We ensure you that we will not transfer your data to any company located in any country that does not provide enough protection for your personally identifiable data. We will transfer your data if adequate protection for your data is given and if all applicable legislation for data protection are met.


The Royal Group website makes use of Cookies to make sure that you get the best possible user experience. Cookies are nothing but small snippets of codes that are deployed on your gadget; they are used to track your behaviour and preferences. If you browse our website, it is to be assumed that you agree to the use of cookies. You can find more information about our Cookie Policy here.

Processing security

We process your personally identifiable information safely and securely. We will employ and maintain required organisational and technical measures to ensure data protection of your personally identifiable information against unlawful access, accidental loss, unauthorised information disclosure, alteration of data; more so when there is data transfer happening. We do not provide access to your data to any one. We give authorisation to limited number of employees and other business verticals who are in dire need of your data.

Data Retention and Deletion

We will retain your personally identifiable information with us until is necessary and also to satisfy any legal requirements that may arise. If you belong to any third-party vendors we will retain your data until we have a working business relationship with your company. If you are an employee or a job seeker, we will retain your personally identifiable information for a year and a half. We will sometimes delete your information if we find a suitable candidate for the position you have applied for. If you provide your consent, we will process your information in a certain fashion that does not affect your privacy at any point in time. In such cases, your information will be deleted once it has served the purpose and is no longer required by us.

Know your rights

You have all the rights to request us to access your information and rectify any of your information, we have gathered from you when might have used our website or availed any of our services, at any point. To help us stay correct and updated, we request you to reach out to us and let us know of any changes in your information. You also have the right to direct us to delete your data and raise tickets to inform us to process your information in a certain way. You also reserve the right to get your data in a machine readable format and forward it to any other concern, given that you meet some specific conditions. These conditions are all case-to-case basis and not generic. You reserve the right to stop us from processing your information and sending out marketing communications. In this case, all you have to do is Contact Us and inform us about the situation and we will save your preferences.

Third-party privacy statements

This privacy statement only covers the Privacy Statement of the Royal Group and our affiliated businesses. This statement does not cover the privacy policies of the third-party companies or vendors. It is to be noted that we do try to associate with third-parties with agreeable privacy policies for both the company and the user. But since perceptions differ, we request our users to always read the privacy policies of the third-party companies and websites when you use them. We do not assume responsibility for any mishaps that happen due to the terms in the privacy statements of these third-parties that may tie you.


The privacy statement of the Royal Group does belong to the Norwegian law. (xxxxx mention the address of the court)

Updates in the Privacy Statement

We will keep you posted about the changes made to this Privacy Statement regularly. It is imperative to note that we will not notify our users if these changes to the statement are minor and do not alter your rights over anything. We always encourage our users to read our privacy statement regularly to stay abreast. If we do alter the content of this privacy statement that might have a direct impact on you, we will notify you.
Do contact us for any queries you may have.


This Cookie Policy explains the way The Royal Group use Cookies and such technologies. Whenever you use this website, we may collect information by using Cookies and such technologies. The Royal Group is committed to protecting your privacy and your personal information we you use our website and other services.

What are Cookies and such technologies?

Cookies are small data files that are included on to your device using a unique identifier. Your web server will remember the Cookies’ unique identifier stored on your web browser and track your browsing patterns and link them to the Cookies. The Cookies will gather information like the IP address of your web browser, browsing patterns, services and products your are interested in, the source from where you visit the website, track the URL of the third-party website if you visit our site from elsewhere. Cookies will also collect your personally identifiable information such as your full name, email address, etc for various purposes. Other such technologies like local storage are also used. This is similar to Cookies and performs almost the same functionalities. Therefore when we say Cookies in this policy it means we are also referring to the other similar technologies as Cookies.

Types of Cookies

● Session Cookies: these are stored on your device for however long you visit our website. These will deleted once you close the web browser.
● Persistent Cookies: these are stored on your device for a particular amount of time after the web browser has been closed. These cookies help us identify the user when they visit our website again later. These cookies can be stored between 60 days to 30 months on your device to analyse your behaviour and other purposes.
● First party cookies: these are set forth the site that you are using or accessing

How The Royal Group uses Cookies

Cookies and such technologies play a significant role in helping the companies by getting the personal information through authentic sources. Cookies are used for various reasons
and we have stated the reason why we use Cookies below. We sometimes improvise our Cookie policy, which you need to watch out for.

  1. We use Cookies to operate and deliver our products & services. Some cookies are truly necessary to operate our website. We use them in the following ways:

    We use Cookies for Authentication purposes, to remember your credentials when you log on to our website. You can simply use or access our website without having to login time and again. We will remember your preferences once you login to our website. Our Cookies help you not to log in every single time when you enter our website.

    We use Cookies to detect and prevent fraudulent activities Cookies and such technologies that we deploy on your website will help us to stay up-to-date with the things like personal computers or other devices you use to use or access our website. This kind of information will help us to watch and detect any illegitimate or undesired use of our website.

    We use Cookies to enhance the features of our website. We employ Cookies to remember your preferences right from how you would like to use our website through to the checkout. Your experiences and preferences are captured so that we can customise our page listing for you. The “Remember Me” option on our website will help you to save your payment details for an amazingly faster checkout. To avail this feature, you need to click on “Remember Me” button once you are using our website.

    We use Cookies to analyse and make improvements to our services. Cookies feed us with data that help us in understanding your preferences and provide you with details and content that will enhance your experience with us. Cookies also give us information about the source from which you enter our website so that we can work better on our marketing strategies.

    We use Cookies to advertise better. Cookies and such technologies can provide insights into our advertising and marketing efforts. Cookies also help us to list the same ad more than twice to you. Cookies help us measure the results of the ads we publish

  2.  We also use other technologies like the following

    GIFs or otherwise called as web beacons are used in our website at some point if not always. These are used to make our ads more appealing and to measure the success of our campaigns.

    We use Google Analytics which is a third-party analytics to collect and process your information to know more about how you use our website and to observe the patterns and trends. You will have to check Google Analytics Privacy Policy to learn more about them.

    We also use Adobe Flash and similar technologies to deploy flash cookies. These Cookies help us retrieve information about your browsing pattern.

Managing Cookies

You have all the rights to decide if you want us to deploy Cookies on your device or not. You can also decide if you want to disable certain cookies and allow the use of certain cookies. You can manage your cookies by visiting the Settings of your web browser. You can disable cookies, allow some cookies or anything that floats your boat in the Settings section.