If you are a beginner in gardening or houseplant gardening then this one is great for you. Having said that, even if you are not a beginner, we are sure you could some tips and tricks to maintain your chinese bamboo at home. So what do we know about Chinese Bamboo except it originated from China? And the proper name of it is Dracaena sanerina. It has been a part of the Chinese culture for time immemorial.

Major source of these plants is Taiwan and then China. It is one of the easy to maintain plants at home. The sturdy stalk of this plant has multitude of purpose including bring good vibes to your house, expelling bad odour and retaining good aroma, etc. Of course, every plant has its own room conditions to grow beautifully, we will get to it now:

  • The first step in growing a chinese bamboo is choosing the right one. You need to look for stalks and leaves that are bright green. Steer clear of the plants with yellowish stalks.
  • The plant can be grown in more ways than one. So decide how you want to go about it. You can either use soil or use water and stone. If you want to use soil, make sure that the soil is moist and not completely soaked. If you want to use stones and water then make sure the water is a maximum of three inches of and stones & marbles should provide a strong base so that the plant is balanced. You choose based on your comfort level.
  • Choosing the right container is just as important. It can be either a glass vase or ceramic or you can leave it in the container that it comes in. Make sure to use something transparent, so that you can check the water level. And if you choose soil, make sure the container has proper drainage facility. Remember the plant cannot be soaked in soil water, it only needs moisture.
  • Speaking about containers, it is important to find a container at the right size. The plant should at least have one inch of space for the roots to grow without any impedence. If you opt for a glass vase make sure it is tall enough to accommodate the plant.
  • Choose the best spot for the plant to grow. It should not be exposed to sunlight directly. However, filtered sunlight and adequate lighting is truly conducive for the plant to grow.
  • Make sure to change the water regularly especially if you do not use hard water. The plant is super sensitive to fluoride and chlorine in the water. Also, the water level should not be too high.
  • Trim the plan from time to time. Trimming will help get rid of any disease and the plant will thrive. If the trimmings are healthy, do not throw them away as they can help you grow new plants.
  • Make sure you clean the leaves regularly. Dust particles will hinder the plant’s growth.

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