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Norway has had a considerably good year. They have exported close to 2.5 million tonnes of seafood to countries across the globe. Norway’s exports have increased tremendously this year and the revenue has doubled. We all know the entire world loves seafood for various reasons including the taste, the sustainability it offers, and of course it’s healthy for mankind.

But the larger question still remains. How and why is Norway one of the largest exporters of seafoods? There are various reasons why Norway is leading. This includes their vast coastline, the norwegian waters, weather, geographical placement, etc. The reasons are enormous. Let’s see some of them down below:

Let’s start the Norwegian coast. Did you know the coastline of Norway is nearly 21,000 km long? This paves way for fisheries and aquaculture at a larger scale. The Norwegian lands contribute only one-third of the entire space and the other two-third of the space is contributed by the sea line which is 90,000 square kilometres. Fishery has been a traditional occupation of the Norwegians for a good reason.

The geographical location, the climatic conditions, and the long coastline have made it best possible conditions for Norway to indulge in the seafood industry and use it to their advantage.

Almost 90% of Norway’s volume of catch comes from the zones of other countries like Russia, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, EU, and Iceland. Norway has entered into an agreement with these countries to continue fishing in their regions. This increases Norway’s fisheries at a larger scale.

We have already established the fact that Norway has a long coastline with seawater suitable for fishing and other aquaculture activities. What we had not mentioned earlier is the fact that Norway is also well equipped in terms of infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology for marine aquaculture. The major aquaculture activity found in Norway is the production of salmon and trout. But it’s safe to assume that they do good volumes of mussels, lobster, halibut, and cod.

Norway saw a significant growth in 2017 in the exports of seafood. This was also due to the increase in demand for seafood all over the world. The export value is said to have touched 10 billion euros. This was mainly because of the quality of salmon that Norway exported and they were priced reasonably high. That said, Norway has also increased the import of seafood for various purposes like for meals, fish oils, supplements, etc.

The other main reason Norway remains on top of the exporters list is the increase in consumption. The Norwegian salmon and trout has grown to be the most wanted seafood among others.


Norway will remain one of the largest exporters in the world for many more years to come. Their geographical location, access to fresh sea water, special agreement with neighbouring countries have all come to Norway’s competitive advantage. Let’s not forget the demand that Norwegian salmon and trout have in the world market.

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