UI and UX design challenges,solutions for web application development

A designer can think of a unique way to find solutions and meet some new challenges. Web development is a better and user-friendly interface for UX designers.  In some companies, developers are looking on UI/UX design as smartphones and laptops and desktops PCs, We have used our hands instead of a mouse. However, it is the same program interface design just adapted to the smartphone. To meet a user’s needs and wants to provide a seamless experience, you need to allocate time to really sit down and understand the user base. If you’re looking to stand out in the UX design arena, it’s worth reading the challenges every UX developer faced and how to overcome them.

User Interface and User Experience:

UX design has aesthetic interfaces of the element for user interaction. UI and UX designers work in the same field and on the same projects, but possess different skills at different stages of development. On implementing, they standardise the design thinking methodology support for user’s data and creating appropriate design solutions to meet actual user needs. The intuitive navigation creates a better user experience for the website visitor. Intuitive navigation leads the audience to grab the information and they’re looking for without a learning curve. Moreover, visitors can find information and create a seamless experience that keeps them from visiting competitors. We improve a digital product by taking into data insights and business metrics while evaluating the user experience.

Understanding the company context:

As a UX developer, it’s important to understand the overview of the business and having some knowledge. When you start talking about UX design and user’s experience. Some customers will not be able to go through the process of achieving a good user experience. However, it’s important to understand where your client is coming from and add UX design elements that will bring benefits. We continuously improve our deals from customers at each and every step of the knowledge base.

Knowledge framework and platforms:

Knowledge Frameworks are a beginning stage for development languages and they need to improve performance. Offer coding libraries, and extend capabilities, so developers don’t need to manually code the web applications from scratch. Frameworks offer some unique features like templates, APIs, code snippets, and other elements for developing dynamic web applications. Web application platforms provide client libraries based on the existing frameworks required to develop a web application or website. We can add new functionality through an external API. UI/UX Developers should have a clear understanding of their business website and application development needs.

Security and scalability:

We must consider security throughout the software development lifecycle, especially when the application processes such as payment details, contact information, and confidential data. For web application security, such as a denial of service attacks, user data security, database malfunction, unauthorized access to third parties, etc. The website must be securely coded and fully updated with the latest malware function.

Scalability is neither performance nor the proper use of computing power and bandwidth. You don’t just have to throw all the load on a single server, but you have to design the software so it can run on a cluster of servers. Service-Oriented Architecture is a design in which application components provide services to other components through the communication protocol over a network.


When you are starting with clear communication, good project management, and outstanding design. Developers can easily overcome the challenges of UX design. We expertise a deep understanding of unified frameworks and products with similar user experiences. At Norin, we ensure that the user interface is consistent, functional and has a high return on investment through improved usability to influence. We promise to make the experience positive and enjoyable and lead to positive brand building and loyal customers. For a meaningful, user-focused UX Design project, start with us today, contact us.

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