Albeit, prima facie these terms – livestock farming and animal husbandry almost mean the same, there are quite a lot of differences between the two. People often confuse these terms and also use them interchangeably. 

Now you’re probably wondering what these two terms are. In this blog, we have narrated the main difference between livestock farming and animal husbandry and also explained the importance of the two. Before we jump into the differences, let’s learn what is livestock farming and what is animal husbandry.

Livestock Farming:

Livestock farming means raising livestock and selling them for an income. In this case, the livestock are not considered as any pets, instead they are considered as workers in your farm. The cattle, pigs, sheep, and other animals are raised and sold only for income reasons. That said, this can be anything – it can be just a breeding animal, a market animal or even a cull. 

Prima facie, livestock farming can look like an easy process. Little do people realise, it takes a lot of effort than anything. It also includes infrastructure (like buildings, fencing), vet care, labour to take care of the animals, taxes, rent (if applicable), etc. It is important to note that all these points will have to be considered while pricing the animals for sale. 

While doing livestock farming, you will have to have someone to do your paperwork. For example, someone has to work the cost, budgets, maintaining feed inventory, ordering feed for the animals, making sure it gets delivered on time, etc. 

Animal Husbandry: 

Animal husbandry is basically growing animals or cattle for your pleasure. It covers all activities including feeding the animals, milking cows, etc. It basically means taking care of your animals personally. Animal Husbandry is the term used when  you and animals are together. 

There’s no way to measure if you’ve done a good job at growing your animals. In livestock farming, you will basically be selling all the products and even animals, so the quality will be ensured in all levels. 


  • Animal husbandry is for pleasure mainly but people do sell products from animals they grow. Livestock farming is completely based on business. 
  • Animal husbandry does not involve any important decisions, while livestock farming needs utmost attention to details to take decisions.
  • Rancher prioritises the best interest of the animals in animal husbandry, while in livestock farming the best interest of the rancher is prioritised. It does not matter what is best for the animals instead people focus on what is good for the business. 
  • In Animal husbandry, all people involved will be in close touch with the animals whereas in livestock farming not all people involved in the operation will get anywhere close to the animals. 


Livestock farming and animal husbandry go hand in hand. Both are involved in improving the atmosphere and nature a great deal. They help in transportation, their waste serves as a great manure for the soil and they also help in water retention in the soil, their byproducts like milk, meat, etc serve in feeding people. The benefits are tremendous. 

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