Benefits of Cardamom

Cardamom is a spice originating from India. It has a strong aroma and slight sweet taste to it. Indians add this super spice to their tea, snacks, and sweets. Cardamom is now available all over the globe. The oils, seeds, and any extracts from cardamom seem to have high medicinal properties, they are also said to fight and prevent cancer. 

This post for all of you who had been shying away from this wonderful spice all these days. We have listed some of the important things it does to your body and how good it is for your health. Read on to know about cardamom and make sure you include this in your everyday diet to reap the benefits of this spice:

  1. Helps fight cancer – This super spice contains some amazing compounds that are said to fight cancerous cells. They also have a natural tendency to fight tumours thus increasing your health. Studies have been done on human beings to observe the same and the results are totally positive.
  2. Promotes oral health – Cardamom has a natural strong aroma which helps eliminate any bad breath. Hence this spice is seen to be used in some gums and mouth fresheners too. Furthermore, they are highly anti-bacterial. This property helps reduce the occurrence of cavities. It is clearly a super spice that also helps your oral health a great deal.
  3. Aids weight loss – We know this might come as a shock to many of you who read this. But trust cardamom is an excellent accelerator of fat burning. It boosts your metabolism and helps burn more fat than you usually do. If this is not convincing you to start including this spice in your diet, we don’t know what will. We mean it’s a saviour in disguise. 
  4. Prevents insomnia – Ayurveda claims that this spice has natural tendencies to regulate the dhoshas in your body namely the vaadha, pitta, and kapha. Ayurveda is an age old system and has proven results over the years. Inhaling the aromatic cardamom oil helps soothe your mind and improve mental health by reducing anxiety and helping you sleep better. Say bye to insomnia with this wonder spice. 
  5. Diuretic and antioxidant – Cardamom is a known antioxidant. It also has diuretic properties. Hence it is very beneficial for people with erratic blood pressure. Research shows that people who consumed cardamom regularly for 12 weeks exhibited amazing results and enjoyed a whopping 30% reduction in their blood pressure. 
  6. Helps improve digestive disorders – People have believed that cardamom helps improve any digestive disorders for over a thousand years now. Now, research has been conducted and studies show that they also heal ulcers to a great extent. Not just ulcer many other digestive ailments can be cured using cardamom, hence they are extensively used in ayurvedic medicines. 
  7. Reduces blood sugar levels – Cardamom is said to help reduce your blood sugar levels. It is highly recommended to diabetic patients. The only that has to be done is, it has to be taken in powdered form to see results. 


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