5 WordPress tips to get your website noticed

WordPress has revolutionized a business’s ability to quickly build a website and generate leads. Despite its brilliance, it can be somewhat limited at the base level. WordPress platform offers many tools for users, including over 50,000 WordPress designed to make your website safer, faster and more visible on the internet. WordPress tools can help you grow your online business and find some reliable tips that will improve your search engine rankings.

Use Internal link:

Once you have a few posts on your blog, be sure to use internal links to make your website more visible. Internal linking placing links to other pages on your website, so that visitors can easily navigate. Google and other search engines like websites with internal links and rank them higher in search result pages. Depending on the length of your post, it is a good idea to sprinkle 3 to 5 internal links for each post / page.

A Responsive design:

If your website isn’t responsive, it doesn’t display well on a mobile phone or tablet, and it will show it in search results. The theme itself will collapse pages so that users can easily navigate your website whether they are using a smartphone or a desktop computer. Google ranks responsive websites higher, automatically making your WordPress website more visible to you on the internet. You can tell if your site is responsive by using Google’s mobile compatibility test or this responsive checker, which lets you scroll through your site.

Buy your own domain:

While it’s easy to use a blogging service like WordPress.com or Blogger to build a website in 10 minutes. There’s nothing that screams professionalism than having your own domain name. Many graphic designers and illustrators use their own name in the URL, which is good if a suitable .com or .co.uk address is still available. If not, consider incorporating one of your keywords into the domain name – again, www.royal.co.in

Test Your Headlines and Page Titles:

Especially if you are producing a lot of content for your blog, it’s a good idea to know which headlines work best. The truth is, most people who read your headline will not continue to read the entire article. Maybe that’s because the headline didn’t send the right message to “hook” readers.

There are various plugins like Title Experiments, which allow you to do A / B testing on your title. Use this tool to see which title works best. Once you’ve gathered some data, focus on the title  and its structure that worked best. Using certain keywords that attract a lot of readers will increase the visibility of your WordPress site.

Gathering a lot of backlinks:

Backlinks are the very essence of your website. They help search engines rank your website higher on the results pages. If you have more backlinks of your page and the better their quality, the higher your website will rank. The main responsibilities as a website owner is to get lots of backlinks from reputable sources. You can engage in something called guest posting. Regularly, you will  post a high quality article on someone else’s website and get a link back to your website. You can also comment on other blogs or websites to improve your online presence and get links to your website.


There are many great resources available that can help promote WordPress sites to make sure they are visible, as we mentioned above will get you on the right track.

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